Raj Kundras Old Tweets and Shilpa Shettys Husband

The controversy over the tweets by Shilpa Shettys husband, Raj Kundras has caused quite a stir in India. The wife of Raj Kundras, Shilpa Shettys tweets about how she feels that the husband of Raj Kundras is “mentally ill”. This caused quite a hue and cry amongst the Indian masses and the government has taken it upon a high to set the record straight. There have been many cases in the past where people have lost their lives because of their association with the sex trade.

So this created a sense of awareness and the government is trying to curb this menace. So what exactly were Shilpa Shettys husband’s tweets all about? The first tweet that caught our attention was one where he had mentioned “Porn has destroyed my marriage”. Surprisingly enough Raj Kundras did not state that prostitution is bad. Instead he had referred to it as a work option for people who find it hard to support their family. The comment caused a lot of discussions online and it is not very clear whether Raj Kundras was actually referring to pornography or not.

It is also a fact that the word “porn” does not refer to the pornographic movies and clips that are commonly found in the movies industry, but more to the degrading acts associated with it. The next tweet in this series referred to “my husband’s mental illness which prevented him from having normal sexual relations”. Raj Kundras has always remained committed to helping his wife and children in any way possible, and this is probably the reason why he had posted this news.

Shilpa Shettys husband, Raj Kundras was married to another woman named Salma in the past and has two kids. Considering that marriage is almost a thing of the past in this society and most women now have careers, it is quite possible that the reason for the post was because of Raj Kundras and his inability to find a partner to marry. To make it short and sweet, Raj Kundras just likes to make controversial statements about his opinions and his views on certain issues.

It could be because he is a bit bored with his current job, or simply because he does not want to deal with the hassles that come along with running a traditional family business. One thing is for sure, whenever Raj Kundras is finding making controversial statements on blogs or social networking sites, it is usually because he is upset about something. Like most men, he probably feels that women take advantage of them. One way or the other, he has always felt that the prostitution and pornography businesses do a lot of harm to society.

There are many arguments that can be brought up about the prostitution and porn industry, but one thing is for certainĀ  the old tweets by Raj Kundras can not be ignored. If someone is trying to argue that the number of sex workers in the industry is not as bad as it is made out to be, one has to bring up the old tweets. In fact, it has only been a matter of time until someone comes forward with proof that Raj Kundras was indeed referring to the pornography and prostitution business.

After all, it is the same exact reasons why people like Raj Kundras post his thoughts on the internet in the first place. It is not hard to imagine that he would have included the reference if he was indeed talking about the prostitution business. The point here is that if a man who is married is seen making controversial statements on the internet about women or the prostitution industry, then it is quite possible that he is not satisfied with the life that he is leading. It is also not hard to imagine that his dissatisfaction may have manifested itself in the form of tweets like the one sent by Shilpa Shettys husband Raj Kundras.

If you are still confused as to whether Raj Kundras was referring to prostitution or pornography, just look at Shilpa Shettys husband Raj’s tweet and try to figure out whether he was trying to say something directly to his wife or was referring to something indirectly. Shilpa Shettys husband is just trying to set the record straight and make some headway in his marriage. If you do your own research, you will see that many women.

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